Why does one need to index their website? The answer is that without indexing your site would not show up in the search results. However, you will need to index your site at least more than once for the search engines to keep re-indexing your sight. The problem with Google is that it does not update automatically. Instead, what they do is rely on spiders- are tiny bits of computer codes that search engines send out to ‘crawl’ the web. Hence it is important you have a good crawl rate too. The job of a spider is to look for new stuff on the internet and update your already indexed version of the site. The new material can be a change to the already existing website, page or a blog or a new page on an already existing website. Once the spider finds a new site or a page, it needs to find what that is all about.

Here are a few ways by which you can get google to index your new website faster;

Link Building


Link building is an easier method to let Google know your page exists. It works when Google crawls across a site that links to your website and then will click on the link to discover your page. The more links you have, the more established your website becomes according to google. Links include both internal and external. Make sure that the links are up on your prominent pages, like the homepage for example. Also, make sure your top contents are easy to navigate to. This makes it easier for Google to track your website.

A Sitemap

To make sure that Google can access your best content faster is by having a proper sitemap. Just like one would prefer driving somewhere with the help of a map, Google also needs a sitemap in order not to get lost in your website. An effective site map will show the primary navigation and subpages, shows a footer menu, gives you an indication of on-page content, and gives an indication of the relationship between pages.

Good Navigation

Just like you need the right direction to reach your destination, Google also needs a way to reach your good content. Google needs to know to get to your best content quickly to make sure that all these content on the website is indexed.


Google mostly crawls the sites that people share on social media. So it is suggested if you have some great content on your website it’s important to share it on Google+ too. This will make sure that your site is crawled quickly.


Clean Code

If your site has a clear-cut path and is easier to reach, also known as the clean code, Google will scan it and index your site faster. Your site speed also plays a significant role as an indicator of how clean your code is.